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Social Justice and Inclusion Platform

Los premiados, entre ellos Esther Calvete, junto a Alicia Klopowitz

25 October 2019 - Bilbao Campus

DEUSTO project on resilience against online victimisation in adolescents wins one of the research grants of the Alicia Klopowitz Foundation

Grupo de alumnos del proyecto ERASMUS+ EIPTE

20 October 2019 - Sundsvall (Suecia)

DEUSTO shares its experience on entrepreneurial education with international partners

La parte europea de la bola del mundo

17 October 2019 - Bilbao Campus

DEUSTO addresses security and development in the EU Eastern Neighborhood area

Los investigadores Ana Estevez y Mark Griffiths

17 October 2019 - Bilbao Campus

DEUSTO analyses substance-free addictions and other impulse control disorders

Manos con móviles

17 October 2019 - Bilbao Campus

DEUSTO discusses addictions and impulse control disorders

Logo de Neurolab

15 October 2019 - Bilbao Campus

DEUSTO publishes a research article on the relation between bilingualism and creativity in preadolescents

ASEMIP event

04 October 2019 - Bilbao Campus

DEUSTO hosts the 5th ASEMIP Congress on minors protection in situations of risk and distress

Tweets por @DeustoResearch

DEUSTO an University at the service of society


DEUSTO contributes to the Global Compact for Migration negotiations



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