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Industry 4.0 (Advanced Manufacturing) area

Industry 4.0 (Advanced Manufacturing) area

Research in this area responds to the concern of the declining contribution of industry to the EU economy. Society calls for integrated solutions that combine energy, natural resources and human health, while adding value to existing products and processes in a sustainable approach. By connecting machines, work pieces and systems, businesses are creating intelligent networks along the entire value chain that can control each other autonomously.

In line with this, DEUSTO's FabLab promotes the design of new products and accompanying services to create innovative and more competitive industrial solutions with a customized efficient approach. FabLab is a research trigger, an engine for the implementation of new methodologies, functionalities, ideas and working models. This new mode of production affects different professional areas from design to architecture, engineering, industry and social innovation.

DEUSTO will continue researching in this field with the aim of providing solutions that integrate the innovative potential of new materials and improve manufacturing processes to support the transition to a smart, Industry 4.0 industrial system.