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28 January 2020Bilbao Campus

Give us your opinion! The Horizon 2020 project Drive2theFuture has launched a survey to explore the needs, wants and behaviour of “drivers” and automated vehicle users today and into the future

The Drive2theFuture project has launched a survey to explore your opinions about an acceptance of Autonomous Vehicles for different transport modes and with your participation you will help us understand your traveling preferences better!

Drive2theFuture is a European research project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The project aims to prepare “drivers”, travellers and vehicle operators of the future to accept and use connected, cooperative and automated transport modes and the industry of these technologies to understand and meet their needs and wants.

The survey is structured in a modular way of four main areas corresponding to each transport domain (aviation, maritime, rail, road) and every section includes a simple description of what automation means for each mode, with simple illustrative examples and a short list of multiple choice questions.

The survey is available in several languages and you can find it at this page. You can respond to the survey by 24 February 2020. All the information collected will be treated as anonymous and confidential by the researchers.