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29 May 2020Bilbao Campus

New Deustobarometer: the health effects of the coronavirus pandemic is the main concern for the Basque citizens

On 29 May 2020, the University of Deusto published the results of the 14th edition of the Social Deustobarometer (DBSoc). The survey offers new social, economic and political information on Basque society in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Deustobarometer in 12 points:

  1. The health effects of the coronavirus pandemic is the main concern of the majority of Basque citizens (62.5%). The economic effects and unemployment rank second (38%). For the first time, health is among the top five problems in the Basque Country (18%).
  2. 61% of Basque citizens recognise that the coronavirus has had a negative impact on their domestic economy. A third of them believe that the impact will be lasting.
  3. During confinement, more than 40% of those who continue to work acknowledge that their workload has increased and that they have lost the ability to negotiate their working conditions.
  4. The majority of citizens (54%) are in favor of the generalisation of teleworking because it increases productivity and improves conciliation. Among teleworkers the figure goes up to 70%.
  5. Most parents think that children's homework during confinement requires too much family support (61.3%) and would require more support from teachers (66.6%).
  6. The five red lines on which Basque citizens would not accept any cut in public spending are: Health (79), Education (65), Pensions (63), Unemployment benefits (39) and Investment in science and R&D (38).
  7. Basque citizenship suspends the Basque government (4.2) and the Spanish government (3.5) in accountability and transparency during the pandemic.
  8. The leaders most valued by Basque citizens for their behavior during the pandemic are Pedro Sánchez (4.2), Iñigo Urkullu (4.1) and Pablo Iglesias (4). The least valued leaders are the candidate of the Popular Party Carlos Iturgaiz (1.2) Pablo Casado (0.8) and Santiago Abascal (0.2).
  9. Only 19% of Basque citizens believe that the state of alarm has been used to limit self-government and 28% believe that it has been used to limit fundamental freedoms and rights.
  10. Most of the Basque citizens admit having gone out to the balconies and windows during the confinement to applaud the health personnel.
  11. Positive feelings, joy, fun and peace have been more present in Basque homes than negative ones. Although the feeling of concern has been the one that Basque citizens have had more frequently.
  12. The main reason why citizens have met confinement rules is the fear of becoming infected (73.5%).

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