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02 April 2017Bilbao Campus

Cooperation on Parkinson between DEUSTO and ASPARBI in the spotlight

On the occasion of the World´s Parkinson Day, a radio programme recorded at ASPARBI, the Parkison’s Association of Biskay, highlighted the relevance of research and the fruitful cooperation of the Association with the University of Deusto.

Deusto research team on Neuropsychology of Severe Medical Conditions has been cooperating with ASPARBI for over a decade now, and they presented in the radio programme the various projects they develop in cooperation. One of these projects is REHACOP - a neuropsychological rehabilitation programme designed for use with psychosis and schizophrenia. This project has also been presented at the 1st Conference on Deusto Research Social Impact.

You can listen to the Radio programme “Nunca serás tan joven" at this page