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15 May 2015Bilbao Campus

The University of Deusto Investigates the Care Crises, One of the Reasons of the Feminization of the International Migration

The care crisis has become one of the most influential factors of the feminization processes of the international migration. The University of Deusto has deepened the investigation of this phenomenon in the book The Care Crisis. The Female Migrants to Spain and Chile, which aims to understand and explain how the care crisis is faced and resolved in the study of the resolution strategies of this crisis: the outsourcing of the domestic care toward hiring the immigrant women for taking care of the families in a dependency situation.

For the study of the issue the two countries of the migration flows destination were selected which have experienced the mentioned care crisis and which at the same time have observed the significant growth of the female migration presence that they have received in the recent years.So far, this investigation is centered on the cases of Spain and Chile each of which represents a different direction of migration flows: south-north in the case of Spain and south-south in the case of Chile.