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22 June 2020Bilbao Campus

Sexism in algorithms: an underestimated discrimination

Naroa Martínez, postdoctoral researcher at the Univeristy of Deusto and member of the Gender Interdisciplinary Research Platform and Helena Matute, professor of Psychology at the Univerisy of Deusto, have published "Sexism in algorithms: an underrated discrimination" in The Conversation. They reflect about the fact that, despite the rise of feminism in recent years, the negative and widespread effects of sexism on artificial intelligence are often underestimated. Far from being a minority, sexism, and the discrimination that it generates, also permeates the operation of artificial intelligence algorithms and it is a problem because we increasingly use algorithms to make crucial decisions about our lives (for example, who can and who cannot access a job interview or a mortgage).

The full article can be found here.