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13 December 2019Bilbao Campus

New Deustobarometer Winter 2019: unemployment, pensions and poor working conditions are the three main problems of Euskadi

The University of Deusto presented on 13 December 2019 the results of the 13th edition of the Social Deustobarometer (DBSoc). According to this semi-annual survey that gathers the opinions and preferences of citizens on the issues that arouse the greatest concern in the Basque society, the three main problems of Euskadi are unemployment (33%), pensions (31%) and poor working conditions (23%).

The concern for insecurity falls from 25% to 21% in the last 6 months. On the contrary, interest in the environment has increased from 0.4% to 11.6% in the last 6 years. In fact, there are more Basques and Basques worried about the environment than about Euskadi's relationship with the Spanish State (9.2%).

For the first time in the last six years, the continuing upward trend in the positive valuation of the economy is broken: passing from 53% to 49% the number of citizens who consider the economic situation of Euskadi good or very good. Moreover, expectations about the evolution of the economy in the next year record the worst data of recent years: 20% of the Basque citizens believe that next year the situation will be worse.

On this occasion, the Deustobarometer offers data on the attitudes and commitment of Basque citizens in the fight against climate change. In this regard, 91% of Basques consider it very urgent to take measures to fight against climate change; 87% are in favor of putting more taxes on the most polluting industries; and the majority of Basque citizens (51%) would be in favor of totally prohibiting traffic in the city centers.

Another issue covered by Deustobarometer is gender equality. The results indicate that 85% of the Basque citizens believe that it is urgent to achieve real equality between men and women. In addition, 63.2% support the establishment of quotas to increase the presence of women in the boards of directors and 64% are in favor of establishing remuneration for work at home.

You can consult the full report at this page and the summary here.

13/12/2019 - Presentación de los resultados del 13º Deustobarómetro Invierno 2019