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19 June 2020Bilbao Campus

Good Practices Guidelines for Universities: Telework and co-responsible conciliation in times of COVID-19

The Network of Gender Equality Units for University Excellence (Red de Unidades de Igualdad de Género para la Excelencia Universitaria, RUIGEU) published a guide of good practices for universities on telework and co-responsible conciliation in times of COVID-19.

The publication includes recommendations and measures to prevent gender inequalities and asymmetries, which the COVID-19 pandemic is aggravating, to ensure that teleworking respond to a co-responsibility conciliation at the university level, implying that responsibilities must be shared between couples and within families, but also that the University and public administrations are responsible for conciliation and that extensive support networks can also contribute to it.

These best practices include:

  • Specific measures to support teleworking and favor conciliation
  • Specific psychological assistance systems to offer accompaniment and support during confinement for the entire university community
  • Psycho-pedagogical support at non-university educational levels
  • Campaigns aimed at raising awareness on issues related to equality, conciliation and co-responsibility in the days of COVID-19
  • Studies and surveys that address these issues
  • Collection of social action measures aimed at university students and groups of special vulnerability

The full guidelines can be accessed here.