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29 June 2020Bilbao Campus

GEARING Roles launches a series of reflections on Gender roles in academic disciplines

The Horizon 2020 GEARING Roles project has launched a series of reflections in which guest speakers will be invited to reflect around the Gender Roles in Academic disciplines.

The opening session focused on the issue of female disadvantage in maths and their under-representation in technical professions. One possible explanation for this fact could be the culturally embedded beliefs about female inferiority and male superiority in maths and related disciplines.

This issue was discussed with two outstanding experts: Prof. Marta Macho (Professor of Geometry and Topology at the University of the Basque Country and the editor of the MUJERES CON CIENCIA digital space of the Chair of Scientific Culture for which she has received several awards, including the 2016 Emakunde Equality Award) and Prof. Enrique Zuazua Iriondo (Director of the Chair of Computational Mathematics at Deusto Foundation and leader of the “DyCon: Dynamic Control” funded by the European Research Counci)l. The discussion was moderated by María López Belloso, member of the Gender Interdisciplinary Research Platform.

The opening session podcast can be accessed here.