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13 July 2022Bilbao Campus

Deusto presents the “Guide for the incorporation of gender mainstreaming in teaching and research" to the representatives of the Basque university and research system.


On July 13, 2022, the Agenda 2030-Equality work team presented the "Guide for the incorporation of gender mainstreaming in teaching and research of the University of Deusto" to a group of representatives of external organizations of the Basque university and research system. The Guide is the result of a collaborative process by an interdisciplinary group of Deusto teachers and researchers, framed within the University Equality Plan.

The act was presented by Elena Auzmendi Escribano, Vice-Rector for Academic Organization, Educational Innovation and Quality, who has supported the process through the Call for Educational Innovation Projects.

At the meeting, Pilar Rodríguez (PI of the Communication Team) and María Silvestre (Head of Equality at the University of Deusto, PI of the Deusto Social Values ​​Team) – both researchers of the European project H2020 GEARING-Roles and members of the Gender Interdisciplinary Research Platform) – presented the guide, the process and the lessons learned. Marta Enciso (Professor of Law) and Miguel Ángel Larrinaga (Professor at Deusto's Business School) also participated in the presentation, recounting their first-hand experience as members of the teaching and research groups that developed the guide.

After the presentation, the representatives of Emakunde, Ikerbasque, Unibasq, UPV/EHU and the University of Mondragón, together with the Deusto participants, exchanged opinions on how to develop this type of practice in other specific contexts of the Basque research and higher education.

Amongst others, the discussion covered topics such as the importance of interdisciplinarity in processes of this depth, the challenges of universities and institutions to systematically adopt this approach, and the opportunities that legal factors may generate to introduce improvements.

The meeting aspires to be a first step of a more fluid collaboration between these stakeholders for the deepening of gender mainstreaming in the Basque Country´s research and higher education systems.

The Guide has been published on the USR website, both in its Spanish version and in its Basque version.