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24 June 2020Argentina

DEUSTO launches the Argentinian edition of Ada Byron prize to award the work of women in STEM

The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Deusto presented, for the first time, the Argentinian edition of the Ada Byron Prize.

Organised by the University of Deusto and sponsored by Microsoft, the Ada Byron prize recognises the work of remarkable women in Science and Technology, with the objective of fostering the participation of women in such areas. In this edition, the prize is launched in partnership with the Catholic University of Córdoba and the National Technological University.

With the Argentinian edition of the Ada Byron Prize, the University of Deusto consolidates its commitment to the internationalisation of this award. The objective is in the medium term to expand it to other countries in Europe and Latin America.

The application period for the Argentinian edition opened on Wednesday, 24 June, and will close on Friday, 25 September. Subsequently, the applications will be analysed by the Technical-Scientific Committee and the prize, endowed with 3,000 euros, will be awarded on 12 November in Córdoba (Argentina).

The rector José María Guibert and Cristina Giménez Elorriaga (responsible for the University - Business Relations of the Faculty of Engineering and member of the Gender Interdisciplinary Research Platform) have participated in the virtual presentation, held on 23 June alongside other local representatives: Liliana Rathmann (Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at UAA), Liliana Cuenca Pletsch (Dean at the National Technological University - Regional Resistance Faculty), Ana María Franchi (President of CONICET) and Clara Bozo (Legal and Commercial Director of Microsoft Latam).

José María Guibert justified the launching of this prize in Argentina recalling the strong and indissoluble cultural and social links between Argentina and Spain, in general, and the Basque Country, in particular: “From one side of the Atlantic to the other, the mere mention of the Argentine or the Spanish and the Basque provokes feelings of sympathy, closeness and mutual understanding. Therefore, there is no better place than Córdoba to present this second international edition of the Ada Byron award”.

For more information about the Ada Byron prize in Argentina, please consult this page.