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Gender Platform

Doctoral studies


DIRS endeavors to ensure equal access opportunities for all applicants and, in particular, a fair female representation. In the recruitment process of researchers, particular attention is paid to equal opportunities through positive measures, such as attention to the gender balance in the selection results or the adjustment of required time limits in relation to childbirth and maternity leave. Recruitment calls state that the DIRS project is an equal opportunity employer, thus encouraging female applications. In fact, currently, 72% of the PhD candidates recruited by the University of Deusto are women.

Regarding the research content, DIRS also seeks to advance the awareness of the gender dimension. There is still much to be done outside specifically “female areas/topics”. DIRS makes a conscious effort to bring gender issues into the project as a transversal priority and in all its courses, seminars and conferences. This approach is supported and guaranteed thanks to the expertise of the University staff in gender issues. Recruitment calls make explicit requests to applicants that they include and develop gender issues in their projects as well as innovative topics from a gender perspective. Proposals that mainstream gender into new or general areas will be given particular consideration. In general terms, the whole project will contribute to the implementation of the Strategy for Equality between Women and Men 2010-2015, the European Commision strategy to improve the place of women in the labor market, in society and in decision-making positions both at the EU and world’s level.

  • Courses
      The course is given by María Silvestre and targets researchers and PhD students. The main course units are: gender as an analytical category in research; gender perspective as a paradigm and as a methodology for research; methods to introduce the gender perspective in research projects: guidelines, examples, bibliography; practical exercises with students’ research projects.



DEUSTO Gender Interdisciplinary Research Platform