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Gender Platform

Parque con zonas de agua y hierba

27 November 2019 - Lisbon

First GEARING-Roles Annual Conference on Recruitment, Retention and Career Progression of Women in Academia

20 November 2019 - Bilbao Campus

DEUSTO will host the seminar “Feminist perspective in the socio-educational intervention”

María Silvestre, investigadora de la universidad de Deusto

11 November 2019 - Bilbao Campus

DEUSTO Course on “Gender Perspective in research”

Lorena Fernández y María Lopez Belloso

23 October 2019 - Helsinki

The University of Deusto participates in the Conference Research and Innovation Excellence through Gender Equality: New Pathways and Challenges

14 October 2019 - Bilbao

Course on “Gender Perspective in drugs consumption and other additions”

Símbolo de la mujer

10 October 2019 - Bilbao Campus

Conference on the Impact of Structural Violence on Homeless Female

Recogida del premio Dona TIC 2019

08 October 2019 - Barcelona

The Inspira STEAM project received the Dona TIC 2019 Award

Niños y niñas sentados en butacas

03 October 2019 - Bilbao Campus

The Inspira STEAM project receives a $21.000 grant from the Hewlett Packard Foundation to extend the training on scientific-technological careers to m...

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