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21 February 2020Bilbao Campus

Waste4Think project showcased by the European Commission as an innovative solution for urban waste management

The Waste4Think European project, coordinated by the University of Deusto, has been included in the Cordis Results Pack on circular economy recently published by the European Commission.

The Cordis Results Pack on circular economy is a thematic collection of innovative EU-funded research results showcasing innovative solutions proposed by projects funded by the EU in the framework of the Horizon 2020 programme that promote waste reduction and improve resource efficiency.

Waste4Think uses information and communication technologies to improve all stages of the waste value chain, adapting a global approach focused on citizen participation to move towards a circular economy and build more sustainable, eco-friendly cities. The project is advancing eco-innovative solutions that will guard against resource depletion and also support new routes of waste valorisation. As part of its efforts to promote a major transformation of existing waste management models, Waste4Think has developed the holistic WESTE (Waste Environmental, Social, Technical and Economic data assessment) methodology (see also Deusto Social Impact Briefings 2017).

For more information please consult this page.