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12 May 2020San Sebastian Campus

How will COVID-19 impact tourism? Reflections by researchers from the B-Creative Interdisciplinary Research Platform

During the Spanish lockdown period due to COVID-19, different researchers of the B-Creative Interdisciplinary Research Platform have been contributing to the discussion on how the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdown will impact on tourism and its future trends.

Marina Abad, researcher at Deusto’s Tourism research team contributed with articles and interviews in several newspapers discussing the importance of innovation, sustainable tourism and smart destinations for the future trends in tourism: Gara, Noticias de Gipuzkoa and Noticias de Navarra.

Aurkene Alzua, researcher at the same research team, highlights the importance of attracting local, regional and national tourism in an interview in the El Diario Vasco newspaper. Dr. Alzua also wrote an article on the new strategies the tourist agents should develop in order to attract tourists again.

Basagaitz Gereño, also researcher at Deusto Tourism research team, contributed with her reflections in the Berria newspaper on how the crisis created by COVID-19 will impact tourism.