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20 December 2018Bilbao Campus

DeustoTech Mobility Artificial Intelligence team is distinguished in an international competition on methods for forecasting traffic

The Artificial Intelligence team of DeustoTech Mobility is among the 5 best teams identified in international competition on traffic prediction, which is convened within the framework of the Transportation Research Board. More than 31 high-level institutions have participated in this initiative whose challenge is to present a method, as accurate as possible, in the forecast of transport data and especially in the forecast of short-term traffic.

The algorithm implemented by DEUSTO’s team, led by the researcher and professor Enrique Onieva and by the Ikerbasque Research Fellow, Antonio Masegosa, is on 5th place ahead of other leading university research teams. Toon Bogaerts, an international fellow of the Green Drive Master, who is collaborating with DeustoMobility, will be in charge of presenting DEUSTO work, in an event that will take place on 13 January 2019 in Washington.