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15 July 2019Bilbao Campus

DEUSTO announces the launch of the new Degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

The rector of the University of Deusto, José María Guibert, announced the launch of the new degree onData Science and Artificial Intelligence next year, in September 2020.

It is a pioneer degree in Spain, presented by the Faculty of Engineering, targeting people passionate about new technologies in the field of Data and Artificial Intelligence in order to optimise processes in companies.

Data and Artificial Intelligence, a look into the future

Data Science, or Big Data in its massive version, and Artificial Intelligence, are concepts that are revolutionising the world of business, from small businesses or startups to large multinational companies, as well as public administrations.

All areas of our lives are each day more digitised (example: use of smartphones, social networks, online shopping, etc.), which has led to an exponential increase in the data that organisations and institutions generate, collect and process. In this context, the analysis and interpretation of large amounts of data continues to position itself as one of the strategic priorities for companies and administrations.

On the other hand, the automatic treatment of data, and its use for the optimisation of processes and resources becomes a differentiating element for the companies, that are eager to exploit to the maximum the opportunities that Artificial Intelligence can offer.

This massive production of data makes it necessary to incorporate professionals capable of managing, processing, extracting value, meaning and use of the data, as well as capable of designing solutions based on artificial intelligence to improve different business processes.


The University of Deusto follows a very practical, dynamic and participatory methodology to guarantee a high level of practical knowledge, essential for the professional development of these engineers. In addition, it is possible to work in the laboratories of the Faculty of Engineering and practice with the equipment that is used in the industry, in addition to being up to date on the changes that occur in the industry, thanks to the participation of teachers from the business world.

For more information about the degree, please consult this page.