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Ageing and Wellbeing Platform

Ageing and Wellbeing platform

The University of Deusto

The University of Deusto is a hub of 37 research teams working at the University’s six faculties (Psychology and Education, Social Sciences and Humanities, Engineering, Law, Economics and Business Administration and Theology) in three different campuses: Bilbao, San Sebastian and Madrid.

Since its foundation, in 1886, the University has undertaken a strong intersectoral and internationalisation strategy that has facilitated and multiplied its opportunities for international collaboration. This strategy is based on strong networking with key institutions and stakeholders across Europe and beyond, and on the quality of the results and the impact of its research and educational endeavours. Today the University of Deusto participates in a large number of research collaborative projects funded by the European Commission, is part of a wide number of international networks and has signed multiple cooperation agreements with universities and research centres all over the world.

Research in health, care and welfare has become a key priority in the European agenda. The economic crisis and demographic change have made of health, and public health in particular, a key challenge for our societies, but also an opportunity for innovation and investment in industry, technology and education. Through the Interdisciplinary Research Platform on Ageing and Wellbeing, the University of Deusto is addressing these challenges and opportunities, by promoting interdisciplinary approaches and cross-sectoral collaborations with other relevant stakeholders, including local and regional authorities.


 Ageing the platform 


The Interdisciplinary Research Platform Ageing and Wellbeing

The Interdisciplinary Research Platform on Ageing and Wellbeing gathers researchers from various departments and schools within the University (Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Psychology and Education, DeustoTech, Deusto Business School Health, DeustoBide, Orkestra, etc.), coming together to share ideas and develop new projects to advance research in Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA).

The platform aims at promoting interdisciplinary research, based on the strengths of the different teams and individual researchers, as well as on the social needs that have been identified both locally and internationally. A growing critical mass of researchers is thus working together in the promotion of active, healthy, and meaningful ageing and in identifying innovative solutions and alternatives to the problems and opportunities raised by demographic change. As a result of the collaborative work of the platform and the fruitful cross-sectoral cooperation, the University of Deusto is part of the Covenant of Demographic Change gathering national, regional and local public authorities, as well as other stakeholders interested in promoting age-friendly environments as a response to Europe’s demographic change. The University is also an active player in the Basque Country Reference Site for Innovation in Active and Healthy Ageing awarded a four stars for an equal number of good practices by the European Commission.

Deusto Interdisciplinary Research Platform Ageing and Wellbeing