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22 March 2019Bilbao Campus

“Transforming our world together” new Strategic Plan Deusto 2022 puts emphasis on social impact

Transforming our world together this is the ambitious motto that was chosen at the World Assembly of Jesuit Universities (Bilbao, July 2018) and was adopted by the University of Deusto as an inspiration for the 2022 Deusto Strategic Plan: people and and institutions transforming the world together. It is not a utopia, it is a challenge: difficult, ambitious, exciting, and, above all, possible”. These were the opening remarks of the Rector of the University of Deusto, José María Guibart, in the presentation of the new Strategic Plan Deusto 2022.

The new Plan sets out 5 main priorities: three linked to the university’s mission - education, research and transfer, and leadership and social commitment; and the other two are linked to the University’s people and community, and governance. These five institutional priorities are realised through eleven strategies and twenty-six lines of action. The Plan is, in turn, articulated along three transversal axes: internationalisation, digitalisation and diversity.

The Plan establishes as goal the United Nations 2030 Agenda, which should be used as a roadmap for the world’s sustainable development. The University’s alignment with this worldwide challenge and its effective incorporation into Deusto’s strategic plan will make it possible to monitor its contribution to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

In what concerns the Research and Transfer priority, Deusto 2022 aims to consolidate the last years upward trajectory around its 6Is strategy: internationalisation, interdisciplinarity, intersectoriality, impact, innovation and inclusion. In particular, it sets as objectives and lines of action:

  • Furthering research, cogeneration and transfer, with the aim of building knowledge to face social challenges. Actions include the strengthening and promotion of a scientific culture, research teams, quality, training and accreditation, and spaces and platforms for interdisciplinary and multisectoral collaboration; as well as the improvement of scientific and social impact and the dissemination of research and transfer and its integration into the education process.
  • Strengthening our participation in prestigious and valuable international alliances, consortiums and networks. Actions include the increase of Deusto’s participation in international competitive networks, programmes and projects, especially European ones; and actively participating in networks, programmes and projects linked to the Society of Jesus.

For further details on the Strategic Plan Deusto 2022, please consult this page.