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Interdisciplinary research

5 Interdisciplinary Platforms and 4 Areas


In alignment with the EU Research and Innovation Programme, Horizon Europe, and the Science, Technology and Innovation Plan Euskadi 2030, Deusto’s research blends the promotion of research talent, excellence, competitiveness, innovation and technology to create social impact and tackle the global challenges of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The interdisciplinary research platforms are the means for promoting interdisciplinary, collaborative and inclusive research at the University of Deusto and answering to the local, regional and/or global challenges. The platforms bring together researchers from the different faculties, teams and research units of the University of Deusto who, in collaboration and co-creation with other actors of the territory, advance in research and innovation in the themes of Ageing and Wellbeing, Creative Industries and Cities, Gender dimension, Social Justice and Inclusion and Strengthening Participation.

Besides, the advanced research units contribute to generating knowledge and innovation solutions in the fields of clean and efficient energy, industry 4.0, health and territory.



 RIS3 Plataformas EN


Horizon Europe Platforms