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02 November 2021Bilbao Campus

Two new storytellings have been published regarding the EDI and FRAAGILE projects within the social impact actions carried out at the University of Deusto

Within the framework of the work carried out by the University of Deusto on the issue of the social impact of research, two Storytellings have just been published regarding the European projects EDI belonging to the B-creative platform and FRAAGILE within the platform Ageing and Welbeing.


EDI aims to leverage Big Data across countries and sectors through the incubation of start-ups and SMEs


To visualize the storytelling of the Edi project visit this page


FrAAgiLe aims to be the most cost-effective solution for detection frailty level and improving it at home, without direct human intervention, only using less intrusive devices with the intention of preventing and facilitating the management of frailty, making it more accessible and affordable. 


To visualize the storytelling of the FrAAgiLe project visit this page