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DEUSTO Social impact Storytelling

Aimed at underlining the value and social impact of Deusto research, these videos have been prepared to show how Deusto teams work in collaboration with other European teams, how they can help with social change and wellbeing, whilst focusing on important issues for social justice and inclusion, such as migration, the application of technology innovations in life, as well as the improvement of policy decisions in the area of health.

Social impact Storytellings:

B Creative (TIMON)


SMART and green transport system for a better quality of life

Ageing and wellbeing (SUNFRAIL)


High impact inter-sectoral collaboration for an efficient Health Care system of the future

Ageing and wellbeing (Kineage)


Adapted Kinect Game for Exercise and Fun - Promoting Active Ageing



Solidarity in European societies: empowerment, social justice and citizenship

B-Creative (PostLowCit)


Desarrollo de un servicio de reparto de mercancías de Correos más eficiente y sostenible mediante el uso de vehículos propulsados con energías alternativas


Thanks to the students of the Erasmus Mundus Master on Euroculture and to the researchers who have worked together in the making and editing of the videos.