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Project: On the meaning of innovation performance: is the synthetic indicator of the European Innovation Scoreboard flawed?
Principal Investigator: Jon Mikel Zabala Iturriagagoitia
Collaborating Institution: COTEC Foundation for Innovation
Start date: 01/01/2015
Finish date: 31/07/2018
Platform/ Interdisciplinary Area: B-Creative

Social Impact 

The EIS project aims to improve the accuracy, robustness and reliability of the European initiative European Innovation Scoreboard and make it useful for the policy-makers responsible for determining science, technology and innovation policies. Published annually since 2001, the European Innovation Scoreboard is the main instrument used by the European Commission to monitor the results of the "Innovation Union", which is one of the initiatives underpinning the Europe 2020 Strategy to create an innovation-friendly environment. Therefore, the project has social impact in relation to public policies for development and well-being.

The project has allowed:

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