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13 September 2018Campus Bilbao

Social Impact*: Identifying key elements for developing future social and technological policies

José Mari Guibert, Rector of the University of Deusto, together with representatives of the Basque Government and the European Commission opened the seminar “With the hand in dough: Paving the way to the social impact dimension of research” organised on 13-14 September 2018 to discuss the Social Impact dimension of Research.
The event had a triple objective:

  • to raise awareness on the relevance of social impact from different views and stakeholders types (science policy players, university research managers and social agents);
  • to reflect on the different measures and tools for measuring social impact
  • to reflect on how to solve the existing tensions between excellent science vs social impact recognition, disciplinarity vs. interdisciplinarity, among others.

Participants and international experts from Belgium, The Netherlands, Canada, the United Kingdom and Finland analysed some of the existing challenges when discussing the Social Impact of Research, such as the different meanings of social impact, its measurement and the ongoing debate on excellence versus research evaluation systems.

For further information please consult this page.

* DEUSTO understands the concept of Social Impact of Research in the wider sense of Societal Impact, which includes the social, cultural, environmental and economic returns coming out of research results (outputs) or products (outcomes).


The event was organised with the support of the Spanish State Research Agency, within the framework of the Spanish National Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation (project nº ECT-2017-0335; funding: 180.100,88€).

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