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14 January 2021

DEUSTO’s Research tackling COVID-19

The researchers of the University of Deusto have quickly adapted to the new context created by the pandemics. In this different scenario, and given the emergency for solutions, DEUSTO research teams have presented different project proposals in a short time.

Specifically, there was an advancement with the following initiatives related to COVID-19:

  • A total of 42 project proposals were submitted to diverse calls and a project was obtained through an agreement with a foundation. The project proposals have been submitted to various calls, mainly of competitive nature and specifically addressing COVID-19: GV-SPRI COVID-19 (5), MINECO – Instituto Carlos III (6), Caixa Impulse (4) and Crue-Banco Santander (13). At the international level, there were projects submitted to Horizon 2020 calls (5). The majority of these proposals are in the evaluation process.
  • 8 projects are still in the ideation phase. The topics are very diverse and deal with: tourism, economy, effectiveness of remote and online family intervention, religious experience in the new context, physical activity and sports and energy poverty.
  • There were 7 publications in indexed journals in addition to the presentations on the radio, press and other informative media, such as blogs (Centre of Applied Ethics or Jakiunde), a monographic in the Economic Studies Bulletin on business resilience to the crisis, or diverse publications in the platform of scientific dissemination The Conversation (more than 40).
  • More than 17 important initiatives have been launched, such as: the Regional Competitiveness Observatory COVID-19 created by Orkestra, the 3D printing production of medical supplies by Fablab, the participations in the European Commission Hackathon by two research teams and the IRPO and in the FactScience vs. Misinformation, the PREST Ekimena initiative by Deusto Cities Lab in collaboration with 11 entities, the Panel COVID-19 and Values developed by the Bilbao City Council and Deusto Cities Lab, various webinars, panel discussions, workshops, laboratories, collaborations or consultancies.

This is an important research task that the University of Deusto wants to continue. Interdisciplinary research can help finding solutions to challenges in a more comprehensive way. For this, an action plan has been presented that aims to encourage researchers to present projects and initiatives of interest in the health, economic, social and environmental fields as well as in the legal, political, human rights and ethical areas.

The full report is available here.

For more information, please consult the DEUSTO Research for COVID-19 website.