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Project: Impacto de la crisis en el modelo de bienestar social. Vulnerabilidad social y marcos alternativos
Principal Investigator
: María Silvestre Cabrera
Main external stakeholder
: Cáritas Bizkaia
Start date: 01/09/2014
End date: 31/12/2016
Interdisciplinary Platform/ Area:
Social Justice and Inclusion
Funding scheme
: MINECO 2013-2016 (Economy & Competitivity Ministry)

Social Impact

Focused on the impact that the crisis has had on the social welfare model, the VULNERA project, "Social vulnerability and alternative frameworks", addresses the issue of public policies for development and social welfare linked to social transformation and promotion development, welfare and social justice.

  • The social impact from the public sphere is reflected in the development of research projects of Deusto Social Values team that have allowed to complete some of the objectives of VULNERABLE project and have relied on the co-funding of the Provincial Councils of Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa
  • An important contribution of the project has been the definition and demarcation of the concept of social vulnerability and the typology established (eternal uncertainty, precariat young, new poverty)
  • High performance scientific production: 6 articles in journals of impact; 6 posts in other indexed journals; 7 chapters of books; participation in 29 state congresses and 16 international congresses; 5 thesis and an additional 1 in progress.