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Project: Ikaszabaltzen - Building economic alternatives in the Basque Country & Latin America
Principal Investigator: Josune Sáenz Martínez
Main external stakeholder: COMPARTE
Start date: 01/02/2016
End date: 30/06/2017
Interdisciplinary Platform/ Area: Social Justice and Inclusion
Funding scheme: Basque Government, ALBOAN Foundation

Social Impact 

Ikaszabaltzen, which is the resulting project of the COMPARTE community, promotes mutual learning, transfer and generation of new knowledge, by studying successful practices of networking in rural areas. Its mission is to promote food sovereignty and sustainable development, based on a model of agroecological agriculture, promoting mutual learning, transfer and sustainability over time. Knowledge of the main mechanisms used in the processes of knowledge creation, acquisition and diffusion of external knowledge acquisition and sharing of organisational knowledge, transfer and application of knowledge, has resulted in:

  • the development of 16 social centers in Latin America (15) and Europe (1)
  • the transfer of the keys of knowledge management processes so adapted to the characteristics and context of the social centers that integrate the COMPARTE community
  • the self-reflection of these centers about their practices and networking and identifying the key factors to consider for a successful knowledge management.
  • knowledge of different strategies for promoting women's participation in the processes of knowledge in these organizations.
  • dissemination Seminary COMPARTE 2017 with more than 40 participants, 34 international organisations and 14 different countries