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Project: Global Entrepeneurship Monitor (España) 
Principal Investigator: Iñaki Peña Legazkue
Main external stakeholder: Santander Bank
Start date: 01/01/2015
End date: 09/06/2017
Interdisciplinary Platform/ Area: B-Creative
Funding scheme: (CISE): International Centre of Santander Entrepeneurship, Santander Universities, Rafael del Pino Foundation

Social Impact 

Since 2001, the project Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Spain has been carrying out a continuous task of measuring entrepreneurial activity in the Spanish society. This project is part of another international macro-project that bears the same name (GEM) and in all these years more than 90 countries have participated sharing a method of analysis and common flow. The project, in its Spanish version, has more than 100 researchers grouped into 19 teams representing 17 autonomous communities and 2 autonomous cities of the State. 

The information gathered by the project has been used to meet the demand of various socio-economic agents in the country:

  • by the Public Administration (national and local) for instruments and actions to promote entrepreneurship;
  • by Local Development Agencies for support services for citizens interested in launching new businesses;
  • by the academic community for the development of activities that promote the creation of companies in and from the university;
  • by the media to inform society about the evolution of the enterprise;
  • by large companies so that they can adopt measures for the practice of intrapreneurship.

The usefulness of the work carried out by the GEM Spain project, besides being wide and varied, has been recognised by national and international prizes and instances. To date, the GEM Spain project has become an agent that refers to its National Entrepreneurship Observatory and works closely with ENISA to advise the Ministry of Industry, Economy and Competitiveness on issues related to entrepreneurial activity.