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Foro Industrial Goierri

Project: Industrial Forum of Goierri
Principal Investigator: Miren Estensoro García
Main external stakeholder: Goierriko Herrien Ekinza, S.A.-GOIEKI
Start date: 01/01/2015
End date: 31/12/2017
Interdisciplinary Platform/ Area: Industry 4.0


Social Impact

The Industrial Forum of Goierri project seeks to promote processes of multi-agent collaboration that have a greater potential for collective transformation and therefore territorial one, through a process of research action that allowed a response to the need to create a new model of network governance to promote industrial development in the region.

  • They have developed new concepts and analytical models:
    • New models of relationships between economic, political and social actors to address current and future challenges of industrial development
    • The role of schools when responding to the challenges of industrial development;
    • The role of vocational training in responding to the challenges of industrial development;
    • Strategies of Local Development Agencies (ADLs) for the promotion of Local Economic Development (DEL);
    • The role of research centers as facilitators of processes; and
    • The role of governments in sub-regional Smart Specialisation Strategies.
  • Publications in journals and impact on business policies.

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