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Project: Memory, Ethics and Justice: Extorsion & Violence of ETA Against Business (CEABAK)
Principal Investigator: María Izaskun Sáez de la Fuente Aldama
Main external stakeholder
: Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Bilbao
Start date:  01/05/2013
End date: 31/07/2017
Insterdisciplinary Platform/ Area:
Social Justice and Inclusion
Funding scheme

  • Foundation for Terrorism Victims
  • BBVA
  • Basque Government
  • Provincial Council of Álava
  • Telefónica
  • Municipality of Bilbao


Social Impact

The project focuses on peace and reconciliation for the victims of terrorism in the Basque Country as a first step in the complex and delicate task of making visible one of the darkest and most hidden aspects of terrorist activity. It also analyses violence against entrepreneurs, managers and professionals. Since its coming to light, the study has had a very strong media coverage in Euskadi and Spain, especially in the press but also in radio and television, which has led to greater awareness with the victims so far unrecognised. Other social impact indicators include:

  • The influence on the public opinion to assist in the generation of synergies for the rehabilitation of victims and ethics, political and social deslegitimisation of violence.
  • It has managed to place the issue of victims' recognition and their contribution to a critical and fair memory on violence into the political and business agenda.
  • 13ª Deusto-Banco Santander Research Award - Second prize