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Project: Generación de capacidades endógenas para la competitividad de la PYME de Guipúzcoa a través de procesos de transformación organizativa
Principal Investigator: Henar Alcalde
Main external stakeholder
: UGGASA (Urolako Garaiko Garapenerako Agentzia, S.A.)
Start date:  01/09/2015
End date: 31/10/2016
Interdisciplinary Platform/ Area: B-Creative

Social Impact

This project has worked on the need and the opportunity to create a strategy that helps local development agencies (ADLs) in the implementation of organizational change that can later be extrapolated to other SMEs both in its region and other regions of Gipuzkoa through other ADL. The project has promoted a number of aspects that prepare these companies, usually without a product of their own and with limited resources, to more efficiently face the challenges of a globalized economy and increasingly competitive context. They produced:

  • Knowledge about how to build and design these processes of organizational change by an intermediate agent and practical level experience at company level in order to achieve "de facto" training and leverage for the ADL in the region
  • Organizational transformation of SMEs Gipuzkoa through ADL and generation of endogenous capacity in intermediate agents (LDAs) enhancing organizational transformation processes in the SMEs environment
  • Press publications and influence on policymaking