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28 January 2022Bilbao Campus

DEUSTO Social Impact Briefings

 DEUSTO Social Impact Briefings


As part of Deusto's Social Impact activities, the fifth edition of Deusto Social Impact Briefings (DSIB) has been published.

Deusto Social Impact Briefings are brief monographic publications highlighting the University research capacity in knowledge areas with a high level of social relevance.


This fifth edition of the DSIB presents the main results of research conducted under two broad-based projects conducted jointly by research staff and actors involved in topics of great social relevance such as the well-being of persons with Parkinson Disease and the development of the economic territorial competitiveness.


This issue comprises the following briefings:

1. Cognitive rehabilitation in people with Parkinson's disease and psychoeducation in their family caregivers.

This project seeks to provide a series of recommendations with the objective of improving interventions in patients with Parkinson's disease (PD). The proposals aim at carrying out a comprehensive approach by placing people with PD, family members and caregivers at the center of treatment through different cognitive rehabilitation activities.

Team DEUSTO: Neuropsychology of Severe Medical Conditions

2.In How to build a collaborative governance model for territorial development? The Bizkaia Orekan Sakonduz initiative examines the learning process to implement a collaborative governance model for competitiveness. The study also proposes a series of key elements for the success of the implementation, paying attention to the particularities of the local context where they are developed.

Team DEUSTO-ORKESTRA: Competitiveness and Economic Development