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09 May 2017Bilbao

Deusto launches the 2017 call for proposals “Deusto Research Social Impact”

On 9 May, the University of Deusto launched the 2017 calls for proposals of the Master Plan “Social Impact of Research”. These calls are amongst the several initiatives that the Master Plan sets out to promote and disseminate the transforming action of Deusto research.

Worth mentioning is the call Deusto Research Social Impact Label, which the University opens for the first time and that, in an innovative way, seeks to recognize and promote the research projects with social impact.

One of the main challenges of university research is to identify, evaluate, measure and recognise how excellent research generates benefits for the society. There are several quantitative indicators that show the number of citations and publications of a research project, but that hardly capture the impact on the transformation of knowledge, the impact on society and the involvement of stakeholders.

In order to measure the social impact of its research projects, Deusto has defined a series of dimensions and criteria that will show, through the Label, the impact and transforming action of University research. The call Label Deusto Research Social Impact combines a “top-down” strategic perspective with a “bottom-up” approach that allows the researcher to describe his/her project in the light of social impact and in co-creation with social agents. Researchers and non-academic social agents validate a joint declaration on the project’s social impact, that is then assessed by an evaluation commission nominated by the University. The Label Deusto Research Social Impact will be given to research projects that demonstrate a potential for social impact that can be evidenced through:

  • the transforming action and social impact for the people, entities, the environment and the society in general;
  • the involvement, at different levels, of non-academic agents;
  • the scientific contribution in the specific research area, linked to the promotion of wellbeing, social transformation, development and justice.

The call Deusto Research Social Impact Briefings 2017 aims at supporting the publication of a series of monographs of informative nature in order to bring the University research results to social agents. The Briefings intend to support social agents with good practices and recommendations and help them tackling societal challenges.

In order to fulfil the university transfer mission, Deusto has launched the Call Deusto Expert Services. The call will allow the identification of a series of expert services to be provided to social agents, companies, social entities and public administrations, on themes in which Deusto research teams have a highly specialized knowledge and experience.

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