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27 September 2021Bilbao Campus

DEUSTO awards 4 new research projects for their social impact

Within the framework of the fifth edition of the ‘Deusto Research Social Impact Label’ Call, Deusto recognized the work of 4 new projects for their positive impact and social transformation.
The 4 awarded projects with the 'Deusto Research Social Impact' Label were promoted by different faculties and research units of Deusto (Faculty of Social and Human Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering) and have sought to provide innovative solutions to topics such as mental health, accessibility, care for children and care for the elderly.
Each of the projects has shown:
Its potential for social impact, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, European political priorities and / or the RIS3 strategy of the Basque government.
Collaboration with non-academic agents such as municipalities, companies and nonprofit entities.
Impact beyond the area of ​​knowledge through the adoption, use, and/or exploitation by external agents, as well as the dissemination and evaluation of the results.
The awarded projects are (in alphabetic order):
BBAG2019 - Evaluación de la accesibilidad de los hoteles de Bilbao, Bizkaia. Asunción Fernández-Villarán Ara, Ana Goytia Prat, Nerea Mugica Ulazia, Monica Erice González de Duarana y Nagore Espinosa Uresandi. Faculty of Social and Human Sciences. The project seeks to improve accessibility for people with functional diversity in hotels in Bilbao Bizkaia.
DAPAS - Deploying AAL Packages at Scale. Amaia Méndez Zorrilla, Begoña García-Zapirain. Ibon Oleagordia Ruiz, Aritz Badiola Bengoa, Julen Badiola, Rubén Bolaños, Iñigo Orue y Eneko Valero. Faculty of Engineering.Development of innovative models to meet the needs of the elderly and their caregivers through leisure activities.
OSAME - Ocio y Salud Mental: proyectando el futuro. Idurre Lazcano, Joseba Doistua y Sheila Romero. Faculty of Social and Human Sciences. Creation of innovative methodologies to give greater visibility of leisure in the intervention strategies of people with mental illness.
SAREA: Desarrollo y difusión de modelos de atención a la infancia y personas mayores basados en los intercambios transfronterizos de prácticas innovadoras entre los profesionales de Pirineos Atlánticos y Guipúzcoa. Edurne Gonzalez Goya, Bakarne Etxeberria, Leila Govillard, Usue Beloki, Cinta Guinot, Felix Arrieta, Ainhoa Izagirre. Faculty of Social and Human Sciences. Creation, development and dissemination of new models of care for children and the elderly in a situation of exclusion based on the exchange of good intervention practices in both regions.