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22 February 2021

DEUSTO issues the fourth collection of DEUSTO Social Impact Briefings

The fourth collection of DEUSTO Social Impact Briefings (DSIB) has been published on DEUSTO Research Social Impact webpage.

The DSIB are short monographic presentations that seek to highlight the research capabilities at the University of Deusto, through projects carried out by its research teams in topics with high social relevance. They are published in print and online (in Spanish and English) once a year.

In this fourth edition of the Deusto Social Impact Briefings, DEUSTO researchers seek to disseminate their findings beyond the confines of the academic world and help to fulfil the University's declared mission to transform today's society.

For the University, "research and innovation with social impact" should help to bring about fairer, more diverse and inclusive societies aligning local and regional initiatives with global societal goals in a process of participatory design and co-creation through multi-stakeholders partnerships.

In a context of increasing policy and societal demands, the DSIB target social organisations, individual users, policy-makers and/or businesses with the aim of providing them with useful guides, recommendations and good practices to face the challenges of social transformation. Collaboration with stakeholders is crucial for DEUSTO researchers to define questions that foster social impact, sustainable development and innovative solutions.

This issue comprises the following four briefings:

  • 1. What would sports betting advertising be like if it were handled more responsibly?

This project analyses the structure of sports betting advertising, in an attempt to understand whether such advertising could become a public health issue. Various studies which have given rise to scientific publications and analyses and their main conclusions are outlined as well as the major recommendations for gambling companies and regulators.

  • 2. How can artificial intelligence reduce road traffic accidents and prevent congestion?

This briefing seeks to present the benefits of the TIMON system for optimising traffic management and urban transport network operations in cities, directly supporting transport managers in their decision-making processes for transport operations.

  • 3. Gender inequalities in matters of drug addiction: how does alcoholism really affect women?

This briefing aims to study the phenomenon of drug dependence from a gender perspective. This involves identifying what kind of socio-cultural and psychological representations mean for women, so that they develop a series of risk factors, both for the beginning of alcohol consumption and in its continuity.

  • 4. Key points for supporting and accompanying victims and survivors of human trafficking for sexual exploitation.

This briefing is intended as a working document for specialists working in the prevention and detection of cases and in support and care for victims. It seeks to fill the current gaps and meet the needs of women victims of trafficking, so as to provide a better response to their situations.

You can consult the briefings at this page.