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What is Deusto Social Impact Briefings?

As part of Deusto's Social Impact activities, every year the University selects a number of outstanding resesearch projects with a high potential of social impact. Their results are published in the form of Deusto Social Impact Briefings (DSIB).

Deusto Social Impact Briefings are brief monographic publications highlighting the University research capacity in knowledge areas with a high level of social relevance. These publications are addressed to social organisations, users, policy-makers and business and seek to ensure that research outcomes are intelligible to all the relevant social players. They also aim to provide social players with good practices, guidelines and recommendations helping them facing the challenges of social transformation.

Deusto Social Impact Briefings 2020 (2)Download 2020 briefings

Cognitive rehabilitation in people with Parkinson´s disease & psychoeducation among their family caregivers. How can an effective combined intervention be implemented?

How can a collaborative governance model be built up for territorial development?

Deusto Social Impact Briefings 2019 (4)Download 2019 briefings

What would sports betting advertising be like if it were handled more responsibly?

How can artificial intelligence reduce road traffic accidents and prevent congestion?

Gender inequalities in matters of drug addiction: how does alcoholism really affect women?

Key points for supporting and accompanying victims and survivors of human trafficking for sexual exploitation

Researchers: Itziar Gandarias Goikoetxea, Oihane Urrutikoetxea Lekanda, Miguel Ángel Navarro Lashayas
Team: Intervention: Quality of Life and Social Inclusion
Faculty: Psychology and Education
Project: Diagnosis for the Social Intervention Plan for victims of trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation and their children - Provincial Council of Bizkaia (Basque Country, Spain)
Platform/ Area: Gender

Deusto Social Impact Briefings 2018 (2)Download 2018 briefings

Becoming an audience-centred organisation. Guidelines for developing an audience approach at cultural organisations

We learn more and improve together: how to organise classrooms for the academic and social success of all pupils

Deusto Social Impact Briefings 2017 (4)Download 2017 briefings

What is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis-FTD? Psychosocial support guide for caregivers

INSPIRA: fostering scientific and technological vocations among girls through mentoring

Researchers: María Luz Guenaga Gómez, Andoni Eguíluz Morán, Iratxe Menchaca Sierra, Pablo Garaizar Sagarminaga, Lorena Fernández Álvarez, Oihane Zarate González
Team: Deusto Learning Lab
Faculty: Engineering
Project: INSPIRA
Plataform/Area: Gender

Friendly cities for all: Service-learning for innovative and inclusive projects

Key factors to meet prevention and recycling targets for municipal solid waste: collection systems, environmental education programmes and taxation

Deusto Social Impact Briefings (5)Download 2016 briefings

Guidelines for innovation in public-sector policies: maximising research potential

Researchers: Miren Larrea
Team: Business Competitiveness
Faculty: Deusto Business School
Project: Gipuzkoa Sarean Cientia Convenio Dfg 2016/0030
PlatformStrengthening Participation

Do the media generate gender stereotypes?

Researchers: María Pilar Rodríguez
Team: Communication
Faculty: Social and human sciences
Project: Estancia en University of New York Cientia 2016-0000099
Platform: Gender

Reunited migrant families and integration

Researchers: Ana Martínez Pampliega
Team: Deusto Family Psych
Faculty: Psychology and Education
Project: Ajuste psicosocial de familias latinoamericanas reagrupadas en Bizkaia: variables individuales, familiares y sociales
Platform: Justicia Social e Inclusión

Proposals for employability. How can Long-Term Unemployment be dealt with?

Researchers: Garbiñe Henry, Garazi Azanza, Ainhoa Honorato, Gonzalo Moya
Team: Deusto Innovación Social
Faculty: Social y Human sciences
Project: Retos y propuestas para la empleabilidad de las personas paradas de larga duración (PLD) en Bizkaia. Bizkailab 2014. 5806
Platform: Social Justice and Inclusion

Youth-oriented employment policies

Researchers: Garbiñe Henry (IP), Garazi Azanza, Anaïs Iglesias, Ainhoa Honorato, Gipson Varghese, Gonzalo Moya, Itziar López y Saioa Martín.
Team: Deusto Social Innovation
Faculty: Social and Human Sciences
Project: Youth people and employability. Diagnosis and employability policies in Biscay. What are the real youth employment opportunities?
Platform: Social Justice and Inclusion