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Human Rights and Sociocultural Challenges in a World in Transformation

Objetivo, líneas y equipo

The interdisciplinary research group “Human Rights and Sociocultural Challenges in a World in Transformation” is attached to the University of Deusto’s Human Rights Institute, within the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, and includes members from the Law Faculty.

The team started as the research group of the thematic network of excellence HumanitarianNet (Thematic Network on Humanitarian Development Studies), consisting of 110 universities, research institutes and organizations in the European Union. The network has numerous research projects, focus areas and international work in various areas concerning human rights and new social and cultural challenges in Europe and the international scene.

The research team has worked for over 15 years, and has been distinctive for its pluridisciplinary nature and internationalisation since its beginnings. The group is formed by researchers from different disciplines of the social sciences (including legal, political and human sciences). The team’s projects always keep an interdisciplinary perspective and focus on having a positive influence on public policy. Its international nature is shown by its membership and leadership in European networks from the time it was founded, its international research activities and the use of Spanish and English as working, research and transfer languages. With its sights set on excellence from its beginnings, the group has taken an active part, and often the leading role, in international activities and networks to achieve the following:

a) Start up research projects to generate knowledge, with the participation of European and international experts
b) Create and develop stable research networks with foreign universities.
c) International university cooperation in postgraduate programmes, based on its research.
d) Dissemination and transfer of research findings through activities and publications in the two official languages of the Basque Autonomous Community as well as English.

Research Areas

  • International migrations, integration and social cohesion.
  • Human rights, cultural diversity and identities.
  • Human rights, conflicts and humanitarian action.
  • Research method in Human Rights.

* Team recognised by the Basque Government


Head Researcher
Mª Dolores Morondo

Research Team
Aitor Ibarrola
Asier Martínez
Cristina Churruca
Cristina de la Cruz
Eduardo Ruiz Vieytez
Encarnación La Spina
Felipe Gómez
Gorka Urrutia
Gustavo de la Orden
Joana Abrisqueta
José Ramón Intxaurbe
María Nagore
Trinidad Vicente
Elena Ghidoni
Laia Tarragona
Mariana Guadalupe Zaragoza
Mayra Núñez Pastor
Natale Seron
Susana Mangana
Douglas Oliveira
Antón Inchaurtieta
Pedro Campos