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Society and Basque Contemporary Culture

Objetivo, líneas y equipo

“Society and Basque Contemporary Culture” is the new name for the former research area “Cultural Sociology of Basque Exiles”. We are an interdisciplinary intercultural team studying the complex and plural subject of the basque people in today’s world. the aim is to analyse and value the different fields of basque culture in relation to this community’s lifestyles and thought, with special emphasis on the present. the team’s work aims to:

  • Analyse the basque culture related to this society’s lifestyles and thought as a force which generates and receives this culture.
  • Interpret culture as types of expression in constant contact with other peoples and nationalities, from an interdisciplinary and intercultural approach.
  • Disseminate study and analyses resulting from scientific meetings in spain and abroad or through publishing books, articles, in journals, etc. in traditional or digital format.
  • Spread information in spanish and international cultural circles about the variety and wealth of the basque people’s creation and thought in the modern world.

Research area 

  • Cultural sociology of basque exiles.


Head Researcher
Mercedes Acillona López

Research Team
Jose Angel Ascunce Arrieta
Adolfo Arejita Oñarte-Etxebarría
Mª Luisa San Miguel Casillas
Javier Calzacorta Elorza

Collaborating Researchers
Ana Isabel Recalde Delgado
Félix Llanos Aramburu

External Collaborating Researchers 
Margarita Garbisu Buesa
Mari Karmen Gil Fombellida
Jose Ramón Zabala Agirre