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Neuropsychology of Severe Medical Conditions

Objetivo, líneas y equipo

Brief description of the research aims

  • Identify the possible characteristics of endophenotypes which could aid in diagnosis and treatment of the illness and the different diagnosis subgroups, which include: cognitive and clinical profiles, genotypes, neuroanatomical bases.  
  • Assist in longitudinal prognosis and patients’ and their families’ functional ability and quality of life.
  • Develop effective treatment programmes and experimental checks for signs of effectiveness. 
  • Adaptation and standardisation of diagnostic and assessment instruments. Desarrollo de programas de tratamiento eficaz y comprobación experimental de las evidencias de eficacia. 

Research Area

  • Diagnosis and treatment of severe psychiatric illnesses
  • Diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases
  • Development of diagnostic evaluation tools in neuropsychology and normalisation processes in the healthy population
  • Development of treatments for cognitive deterioration and brain diseases

* Team recognised by the Basque Government


Head Researcher
Natalia Ojeda

Research Team
Naroa Ibarretxe
Javier Peña
Iñigo Gabilondo
Leire Zubiaurre
Maria del Mar Mendibe
Miguel Gutiérrez
Pedro Manuel Sánchez
Acebo García
Rocío del Pino
María Díez Cirarda
Oihane Rilo
Olaia Lucas
Ainara Gómez
Oihane Sáez
Agurne Sampedro
Genoveva Montoya
Lexuri Fernández de Gamarra
Itsasne Sánchez
Yolanda Balboa