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Neuro – e – Motion

Research aim, lines & team

Brief description of the research aims

The research team on neuromuscular and neurodevelopmental diseases has carried out different studies since 2004. Our focus area is the creation, development and validation of assessment and psychosocial intervention programmes for persons suffering from neuromuscular and neurodevelopmental disorders and their families.

The use of technologies such as the Internet has enabled us to develop tools to improve these persons’ quality of life from the psychosocial point of view.

At the present time, we are exploring two lines of research jointly with technology companies. We have created online psychological support programmes to strengthen social support networks among people suffering from neuromuscular diseases and their families. We have also developed virtual reality software to assess and strengthen abilities related to social interaction such as empathy or the ability to recognise emotions through children’s facial expressions.

Research area

  • Rare diseases: Neuromuscular, neuromotor and neurodevelopment.



Head researcher
Imanol Amayra

Alicia Aurora Rodríguez
Juan Francisco López Paz
Maitane García
Oscar Martínez
Patricia Caballero
Paula María Luna
Paula Pérez
Sarah Berrocoso

Predoctoral Researchers
Irune García
Nicole Passi
Jaume Barrera
Sara Pavón
Ane Perosanz
Imanol Ceberio