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Objetivo, líneas y equipo


Study of language in its oral, written and hypermodal forms. Our research centres on the Basque and Spanish languages in the Basque Country, with the following focus areas: experimental phonetic description and analysis of the written language in corpus and documents in addition to publishing and analysing European literary texts within the field of the Digital Humanities.

The main objectives are to aid in preserving the Basque linguistic and documentary heritage in its spoken and written forms, and in the multimedia. Other goals are to disseminate intercultural and multilingual European heritage within the framework of literary translation, with special emphasis on the Basque language. Study is now being begun on interference between oral and written expression, new genre and linguistic register in the hypermedia.


  • Creation of multilingual linguistic and literary corpus.
  • Use, management and digital preservation of linguistic and documentary data.
  • Analysis of the varieties and linguistic contact in time and space.
  • Experimental phonetics.

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Head Researcher
Joseba K. Abaitua Odriozola

Research Team
Alexander Iribar Ibabe
Ana Toledo Leceta
Carmen Isasi Martínez
Itziar Túrrez Aguirrezabal
Josu Bermúdez Galbarriatu
K. José Bijuesca
Rosa Miren Pagola Petrirena
Violeta García Díaz

External Researchers 
Santiago Pérez Isasi
Sara Gómez Seibane

Ainara Iturbe Gojenola
Belén Llana
Idoia Carramiñana Miranda
Izaskun Magro
Julen Errasti
Maialen Garbizu Piñeiro