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Experimental Psychology Laboratory

Research aim, lines & team

This research team specialises in studying learning mechanisms and memory, such as associative learning, interference mechanisms in memory, and how the contexts affect recall and information encoding.

More specially, we are interested in understanding the processes which take place when we learn to associate possible causes and their possible effects, and how people detect causal relationships from vague information, which often gives rise to causal illusions, pseudosciences and superstitions. A large part of our research now centres on this aspect of superstitions and pseudosciences. We carry out experiments in the laboratory and on the Internet. We are also interested in researching the potential of the Internet as a psychological research tool, as well as the different psychological aspects of the Internet and new technologies in general. 

Research Area 

  • Contingency learning (causal and predictive relationships, cognitive biases, causal illusions, literacy and pseudosciences)

Further information at

* Team recognised by the Basque Government


Head Researcher
Helena Matute

Research Team
Edurne Goikoetxea
Marcos Díaz
Anre Miren Uribe
Naroa Martínez
Ujué Agudo
Ion Yarritu
Mario Álvarez
Aranzazu Viñas
Lucía Vicente