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Innovation, Knowledge, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

Research aim, lines & team

Brief description of the research aims

While Europe finds itself with a stagnant economy and traces its future with innovative bets that advocate territorial specialization, the path towards achieving a higher level of well-being is slowed down by successive social problems (the need for a greater degree of social-cultural cohesion -religious, growing risk of social exclusion, aging population, digital gap, migration,...) and environmental difficulties (increase in pollution and CO2 levels, global warming,...).

To transform and improve this situation from public and private organizations, it is necessary to innovate and undertake in the key of social inclusion and environmental balance. An important objective of this team is to investigate the keys that contribute to this transformation.

 Research lines

  • Innovation and Knowledge Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability


Head Researcher
Iñaki Peña

Research Team
Mª del Henar Alcalde
Nekane Aramburu
Laura Baselga
Marta Buenechea
Isabel Casas
Sofía García
Leire Gartzia
José Luis González
Edurne Iñigo
Josune Sáenz
Bart Kamp
Ciara O´Higgins
Carmela Peñalba
Amaia Arizkuren
Arantza Zubiaurre
Jon Ochoa
Katerina Yannibas
Olga Rivera
Inmaculada Freije
Kristina Zabala
Nagore Aranguren
Aritz Arano
José Miguel Román
Valery Chistov
Iñaki Garagorri
Ibon Gil de San Vicente
Jorge Navarro
Alaitz Zabala
Jon Pizarro
Angélica Rodríguez
Ane Goitia
Carlota Sans
Arantzazu Arocena
Luis Nicolau
Juan Pablo Mora
​Mila Pérez