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HUME (Humanism in Management and Economics)

Research aim, lines & team

HUME (Humanism in Management and Economics)

Main Researcher

Ricardo Aguado

Research Team
Josune Baniandrés
Almudena Eizaguirre
María García-Feijoo
Íñigo Calvo
José Luis Retolaza
Javier Valbuena

The team initially focuses on a single area to boost its cross-cutting nature. The humanist perspective forms the focal point of this team when offering solutions to economic and management problems. The team is closely aligned to the DBS and UD mission as Jesuit higher education entities.
International Relations and Multidimensional Security

Theme and objective: Analyse and develop theoretical-empirical work that enables us to clarify different aspects of security from a broad approach. This not only involves strategic and defence-related security but also critical study and human security, such as multisectoral based on risk analysis and business diplomacy linked to specific security-related problems such as energy geopolitics, health, extractive industries, cybersecurity….

Research areas:

- Human security, critical study and the development-defence binomial
- Business diplomacy and risk analysis
- Security aspects in fields of study and sectoral security