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HUME (Humanism in Management and Economics)

Research aim, lines & team


The HUME team aims to analyze and promote the generation of socially sustainable shared value (socially sustainable competitiveness) for all the actors (stakeholders) belonging to or linked to companies and organizations.


To do this, the team analyzes the business theories that enable the generation of shared value in a socially sustainable manner (stakeholder theory, agency model, B-corps and others), proposes a measurement of the results achieved by companies in terms of of social sustainability (social accounting, complementary and linked to financial accounting), calculates and monetizes the social value generated by organizations, analyzes the way in which people are managed in organizations, promoting the dignity and development of themselves and makes educational proposals in the field of management of organizations that promote the dignity of people, social welfare and the development of organizations.

The nexus on which the team pivots is the humanistic approach in the study of the creation of value for the company and society in organizations, attending to the promotion of the dignity of the person and the positive contribution to the well-being of society by part of organizations.


Research team

Main researcher

Ricardo Aguado


María García
Almudena Eizaguirre
Leire Alcañiz
Josune Baniandrés
Adela Balderas
José Luis Retolaza
Íñigo Calvo
Ekhi Atutxa
Jabier Martínez
Massimo Cermelli
Xabier Mendizabal
Jon Paul Laka
Marian Aláez
Raziel Yauri Miranda

Marta Marco-Gardoqui