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Ethics Applied to Social Reality

Research aim, lines & team

Brief description of the research aims

The research team on Ethics Applied to Social Reality belongs to the Centre for Applied Ethics, Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, University of Deusto. With broad experience studying different social realities from an ethical perspective, its research currently focuses on two areas: i) Development and Social Transformation and ii) Conflicts and Cultures of Peace These are made up of 19 research projects currently underway (2010-2012), with eight main researchers and 19 associate researchers.

The Centre for Applied Ethics is acknowledged for prestige in its field. In recent years, it has published a considerably greater amount of scientific work, had a greater impact on the international scene and increased its participation in academic and professional networks. The team currently has two of its own projects within the 7PM.

Research area

  • Social conflicts, violence and peacebuilding
  • Ethics and Technology
  • Politics, development and social transformation

The team researches on subjects related to application of ethics in today’s social realities. It is therefore a team focusing on applied research in the Social Sciences, centring its study on political issues and fostering projects which influence analysis of the different dynamics found in power structures in our society, management of inequality or conflicts that these structures give rise to, their limitations and transforming potential, conditions required to find alternatives, etc. while highlighting the transforming value of processes which focus on interpretation of their social and historical narrative. 

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Head Researcher
Ángela Bermúdez

Research Team

Angela Bermudez Vélez
Javier Arellano Yanguas
Izaskun Saéz de la Fuente
Pedro Sasía Santos
Javier Martínez Contreras
Patxi Lanceros Méndez
Galo Bilbao Alberdi
Braulio Gómez Forte
Cecilia Martínez Arellano
Julián Bermeo
Sergio Caballero Santos
Steffen Bay Rasmussen
Eric Pardo Sauvageot
Iñigo Albiól Oñate
Vicente Druiliolle
Asier Aranbarri
Ruth Carbajo
Idoia Quintana
Luis Ramón Viguri
Maria Cristina Pena
Marina Díaz Sanz
Maria Luz Suarez
Johnatan Caro
Maria Nuria Gonzales
Alejandra Londoño
David Andrés Rodríguez