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Research aim, lines & team

Brief description of the research aims

This team carries its research on self- and socially-regulated learning, educational assessment and the interaction between the two. The group's empirical research focuses on improving regulated learning through quality assessment practices in secondary and higher education.

In terms of regulation of learning we are especially interested in:

  • Theory and models on self-regulated learning.
  • Carry out empirical research to promote self-regulated learning, mainly through interventions in educational evaluation in secondary and higher education.
  • Regulation of learning in collaborative contexts.
  • Methods and instruments for measuring self-regulated learning.

In terms of educational evaluation, our interest is focused on formative approaches to it and its relationship with psychological constructs. Our publications are mainly directed towards the following areas:

  • Self appraisal
  • Peer evaluation
  • Teaching practices in evaluation
  • Headings
  • Comparison between assessment tools

Research lines

  • Educational evaluation
  • Self-regulated learning

Research team

Principar researcher
Ernesto Panadero


Elena Auzmendi
Fernando Díez
Eneko Balerdi
Leire Pinedo
José Carlos Galang
David Zamorano
Alazne Fernández
Lucía Barrenetxea
Alaitz Amezua
María Elena Quevedo
Virginia Torres
Pablo Delgado
Elene Igoa