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Social development, economy and innovation for people

Objetivo, líneas y equipo

Brief description of the research aims

The team’s research centres on social economy and solidarity organisations such as cooperatives, employee-owned companies, insertion companies, social businesses and others. Particular emphasis is placed on their particular features, values, operating principles and the positive economic, social and environmental effects they have on achieving balanced people-centred uniting growth. The following topics are key: sustainable development; Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); values in companies (and organisations); people’s participation in companies (and organisations); decent jobs; supply chain sustainability.

Research areas
  • Building a legal environment based on economic governance and management for all
  • Social and solidarity economy, entrepreneurship and social innovation for sustainable development
  • Learning and service as a transforming teaching tool

* Team recognised by the Basque Government


Investigadora Principal
Aitziber Mugarra 

Ana Vidu
Arantza Echaniz
Gema Tomás
Laura Gómez
Mariola Serrano
Marta Enciso
Ainhoa Gutierrez
Ana Velasco
Arantzazu Vicandi
Carolina Llorente
Daniela del Pilar Zavando
Ekaterina Reznikova
Leandro Martín
Maialen Aboitiz
Mariel Gandara
Nere Jone Intxaustegi
Oleksandr Husiev
Oscar Monje Balmaseda
Tamara Kachala