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Research aim, lines & team

Brief description of the research aims

The main objective of the eDucaR (Deusto Education Research) research group is to improve education by promoting educational research excellence with a high scientific, political and social impact. The emphasis lies on advancing educational knowledge, specifically in researching teaching and learning processes (learning environments, interactive environments, contexts, methodologies, assessment, among others), educational management models and educational phenomena from a historical and theoretical perspective so that they can successfully respond to students' educational needs and the challenges of Basque and European society. Our research activity is focused on the constant search for educational interventions to achieve the best results in practice in an efficient and balanced way.

Research areas

Teaching processes and educational institutions for the successful learning and development of all people:

  • Teaching, technological and social innovation
  • Development of Competences and Values


Principal Researcher
Lourdes Villardón

Ana García
Andrea Khalfaoui
Arantza Arruti
Ariane Díaz
Concepción Yániz
Cristina Atxurra
Erlantz Velasco
Iciar Elexpuru
Aitana Fernández
Jessica Paños
Lara Yáñez
Lirio Flores
Maite Santiago
Manuela Álvarez
María José Bezanilla
Oihane Korres
Olga Khokhotva
Rocío García
Zoe Martínez de la Hidalga
Lucía Campo
Jesús Marauri
Eugenia Allotey
Garazi Alvarez
Nerea Gutiérrez
Miriam Pérez
Virginia Ros

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