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Deusto Smart Mobility

Objetivo, líneas y equipo

Brief description of the research aims

DeustoTech Mobility looks to meet society and industry’s present and future mobility and transport needs through research in the field of new technologies.

Research Areas

The team’s research centres on information and communications technologies (ICT) applied to transport, logistics and mobility. This research aims to develop intelligent systems capable of optimising the mobility of persons and merchandise while ensuring it is more sustainable, efficient, comfortable and safe.

Most of the team’s work centres on the following research areas recognised at the University of Deusto:

  • Transport and Intelligent Mobility
  • Artificial intelligence applied to optimisation of routes/services and traffic predictions
  • Vehicular communication and cooperative systems
  • Continuous positioning and positioning-based services
  • Application of ITCs to education innovation

Nevertheless, certain activities also contribute horizontally to other recognised ICT research such as: ambient intelligence, software engineering for services, microelectronics, automation, control and remote engineering.

The team’s basic and applied research areas include:

1. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
2. Vehicular communication
3. Antenna design for vehicular environments
4. Merchandise tracking and logistics

* Team recognised by the Basque Government

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Head Researcher
Antonio David Masegosa

Research Team
Alfonso Bahillo
Asier Perallos
Asier Moreno
Enrique Onieva
Florian Muralter
Hugo Landaluce
Ignacio Angulo
Iñigo López Gazpio
Itziar Salaberria
Jenny Fajardo
Leire Serrano
Luis Enrique Díez
Pablo Fernández
Pilar Elejoste
Unai Hernandez
Laura Arjona
Ziva Ravnikar
Erick Rodríguez
Juan Sebastián Angarita
Asiimwe Paddy Junior